1:SMT spring touch key(or touch button)

Our engineers develop a patented product:SMT spring touch key.This type of SMT spring touch keys we invented can be applied to the automatic SMT equipment. At the same time, it brings you efficiency increasing, quality improving, cost reducing and competitiveness of products enhancing.

2:Main advantages

  • According our evalution, the total cost can be reduced 30%~60%
  • Lessen people in assembly line,or let them to do the more valuable work
  • Increase efficiency
  • Improve the quality of products
  • Reduce the tooling inputs and corresponding labor cost
  • Excellent signal transmit characteristic
  • More effective space utilizing on the PCB board.you can arrange the SMT component under Plug-in spring touch key

Any kind of SMT spring touch key can be customized according to your requirement.

a picture about SMT spring touch key(or touch button)

We also develop some simple type of SMT spring touch key,it is usually placed on the PCB board with the hand.

The kind of SMT spring touch key is usually cylindrical, conical, or special shape.

More information, please contact us.

a picture about SMT spring touch key(or touch button)


Due to this kind of springs easy to winding together.it will make people spend a lot of time to separate the springs one by one. It also affects the quality.

Then we specially develop the plastic tray to solve such problems.It saves your time(cost),increases efficiency and ensures the quality of the springs.

In any case, we will be customized according to customer's requirements of special packaging to meet your needs.

spring touch key packing of plastic tray

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