1:Membrane switch touch key(or touch button)

Membrane switch touch keys are typically made up of several layers of membranes,a membrane switch touch key have some conductive zone printed on PET. The ink used for screen printing is usually silver filled and therefore conductive.They can be thought of as one category of interface utilities alongside touch screens, plastic keyboards and many other kinds of control systems.

Accordingly, Membrane switch touch key offers design freedom in electronic equipment, and particularly, saves an amount of a wasted space, thereby downsizing the equipment.

2:Main characteristic

  • Thin structure ,minimum 0.2mm
  • Easy clean,durable and wear-resistant
  • Beautiful appearance, conspicuous, fashion
  • Any size, shape, color, pattern can be customized upon your specific requirements
  • Optional features: built-in LED, backlighting


A picture about membrane switch touch key(or touch button)