Company profile

Goodkey machinery company was founded in 2000 in Xiamen,a beautiful city of south of China. Since its creation , We always endeavor to innovative and help our clients to perform better, by meeting their demand for quality, service and competitiveness.

About the fastener

The main categories of fasteners: various kinds of self-tapping screws,machine screws, stainless steel screws,Pt thread-forming screws, trilobular thread-forming screws(i.e. triangular tapping screws), bolts, nuts ,washers, metal stamping parts ,lathing parts ect.

The main manufacturing standards of fasteners are ISO, GB, JIS, DIN, BS, ANSI and corporate standards (customers providing drawings).

About the touch keys and common spring

The spring department is established in 2010.At present there are more than 35’000’000 pieces of various kinds of touch keys annually. Our engineers utilize professional knowledge and rich experiences to create the best touch keys to optimize performance of any application.

The main shapes of spring touch keys can include conical, tapered, concave, rectangular ,convex and complex shaped spring touch keys etc.

Not only we have the production facilities to manufacture a large variety of spring touch keys from prototypes to large volume orders. But also we have the capability to provide our customers with custom touch key’s designs to meet nearly any specification. If you know your require or have some drawing. all rest of the things is we give you high quality touch keys

In order to meet the special needs of your products, we also provide you different kinds of touch key. (e.g. membrane switch touch key, FPC touch key, conductive sponge touch key, long distance touch key etc).

we will always do as we possible:

It is our goal that we provide our customers with first class service in the supply of touch keys, fasteners and industrial components while minimize costs through the integration of our technology and experience.

Please do not hesitate in Contact us . It is our pleasure to serve your products.