1:Common torsion spring

Common torsion springs are stressed in bending.Helical springs used to apply a torque or store rotational energy are commonly referred to as torsion springs.Common torsion springs are generally mounted around a shaft or arbor, and must be supported at three or more points.

Here we have the production facilities to manufacture a large variety of common torsion springs from prototypes to large volume orders. we can manufacture a vast array of common torsion springs, either in single or double torsion form with an extensive range of leg parameters.

If you know the necessary specifications you require, we can manufacture a spring based on your sample or drawing.

a picture about torsion spring


Due to this kind of springs easy to winding together.it will make people spend a lot of time to separate the springs one by one. It also affects the quality.

Then we specially develop the plastic tray to solve such problems.It saves your time(cost),increases efficiency and ensures the quality of the springs.

In any case, we will be customized according to customer's requirements of special packaging to meet your needs.

spring touch key packing of plastic tray

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