1:ITO film touch panel

As a resistive screen ,Transparent conducting films (TCFs) are made of thin films of optically transparent and electrically conductive material. They are an important component in a number of electronic devices including liquid-crystal displays, OLEDs, touchscreens and photovoltaics.

Organic films typically are made up of a layer of transparent conducting oxide (TCO), most commonly indium tin oxide (ITO), fluorine doped tin oxide (FTO), or doped zinc oxide.

Advantages: Some applications often require a wider range of transparency and visible light passes through.

2:Main characteristic

  • Long distance sign transmit and control
  • Easily assembly and disassembly
  • Flexible structure,make products more fashionable
  • Any size, shape, color, pattern can be customized upon your specific requirements


A picture about ITO film touch panel