Some of the most popular types of materials we use during spring manufacturing include:

  • Music Wire
  • Oil Tempered Wire
  • Hard Drawn Wire
  • Stainless Steels Wire
  • Carbon Steel Alloys Wire
  • Beryllium Copper Wire
  • Phosphor Bronze Wire

Of course,you can specify any spring material based on your products

Generally, High-carbon spring steels are the most commonly used of all springs materials that are least expensive, readily available, easily worked, and most popular.

Generally,Nickel-based alloys are especially useful spring materials to combat corrosion and to weld in PCB board.

Generally,The carbon Steel alloy spring steels have a definite place in the field of spring materials, particularly for conditions involving high stress and for applications where shock or impact loading occurs. Alloy spring steels also can withstand higher and lower temperatures than the high-carbon steels and are obtainable in either the annealed or pretempered conditions.

Generally. The use of stainless spring steels has increased considerably in recent years. Several new compositions are now available to withstand corrosion.

Generally, Copper-base alloys are important spring materials because of their good electrical properties combined with their excellent resistance to corrosion.

We can utilize all types of materials including music wire, hard drawn, oil tempered, galvanized wire, stainless steels and phosphor bronze, as well as exotics such as pre plated materials (nickel,gold, silver, tin), chrome vanadium and many others.

Tell us how you want your spring to perform, and we will find the ideal material to meet all your specifications.

2:Surface treatment

  • Nickel Plating
  • Tin Plating
  • Zinc Plating-Clear, Yellow, Black
  • Black Oxide
  • Chrome Plating

3:Material size

Wire Diameter:0.1mm to 5mm(0.004 inch to 0.2 inch)

Tape: 0.05mm to 3.0mm(0.002 inch to 0.12 inch)