Without professional knowledge, you can also quickly choose a screw what you need by reference to following information that our engineer summarize carefully , Then cut out the screen shots ,Let me know what you choose,including the screw’s diameter and the length. we'll return you a professional drawings for you confirmation.

1:Type of Drive Inserts

Different types of drive inserts corresponds to the different tools for fasten/loosen. Common screw means it is easy to find some screwdrivers to loosen.if your product don't want to be disassembled casually, you can choose special types of drive inserts . This need professionals or special tools to remove, so as to avoid the product damaged by accident or accidental.

2:Type of Heads

Different occasions need to match different head shapes, it depends to the appearance, size, shape etc.

3:Types of Threads

How to choose threads depends to your product ,there are usually two ways of self-tapped threads and machine threads.


A similar color of screw will make the product look better. Different Color/finishing correspond to different salt test performance, it can be suitable for different environmental requirements.


Different occasions need different material of screw,it means different strength also. For example,stainless steel screws generally apply in Bathroom products, Janitorial Supplies,food industry and its accessories and so on.

Generally the default material is carbon steel unless specified.

Now please choose a type of drive insert,a type of head,a type of thread,color(ie.surface treatment),at the same time with the screw’s diameter and length, Then it is ok. the rest of the work will be done by us.