Goodkey machinery company specializes in manufacturing various kinds of touch key in China.In view of only spring touch keys ,there are more than 35’000’000 pieces annually.Our engineers can utilize professional knowledge and rich experiences to create the best touch key to optimize performance of any application.

There are two big categories of spring touch keys and special touch keys in our classification.

Being a touch key supplier,We can not only guarantee to supply you the high quality spring touch keys,but also can supply you a wide different variety of special touch key,It will make your products more competitive and fashionable.

The main categories of fasteners in our company: various kinds of self-tapping screws,machine screws, stainless steel screws,Pt thread-forming screws, trilobular thread-forming screws(i.e. triangular tapping screws), bolts, nuts ,washers, metal stamping parts ,lathing parts ect.